I'm a photographer based in Brooklyn. I've been taking photographs, with film and digital cameras, for nearly fifteen years. Growing up, I was an avid painter / illustrator and have I been steeped in visual arts for my entire life. I'm primarily a people photographer. I specialize in environmental portraits, particularly of authors, musicians and creative people at work. I'm also available for various types of event coverage including musical performances, corporate events and behind the scenes production stills.

The street photography, well that's just for fun.

I'm also a professionally trained filmmaker, videographer, whatever you want to call it. I have a four year degree in film and television production. I've directed narrative, commercial and documentary shorts. While I focus on directing, I've worked in a variety of production roles and, in some cases, I also serve as the cinematographer on my own work.

I live in New York city where I provide professional photography and HD video production services for hire.

Contact me: r.nonini@gmail.com